Lueders Limestone is a tried and true Texas limestone and is sawn on top as well as the bottom. It contains a rich variation in gradients and colors from buff, light-gold, dove gray, to even deep-golds. Lueders limestone originates from a well-established stone quarry in North Texas. Lueders limestone has a range of colors and textures. Native to North Texas, this rectangular-shaped limestone showcases abundant shades of charcoals and grays. Lueders natural stone veneer presents a timeless classic look to any application. Formal sawn heights in buff, white, cream and brown have made this a popular choice.

Lueders Stone slabs may be the perfect choice for your home or commercial stone job that needs an elegant and refined finish utilizing its grey and beige stone sawn top and bottom stone. Our lueder slab stone is a cost-effective building product because of its durability and low maintenance requirements.

These slabs come from Lueder, Texas where the limestone is denser. Lueders come in charcoal, gray & caramel tints. The 1 1/4” is a fabulous cap rock and excellent to mortar on top of your concrete. The 2 1/4” is thicker for your jobs that require more weight.

Limestone: Limestone, in general, is composed primarily of carbonate minerals. There are two major groups can be distinguished here, and they are the softer and the harder limestones. The first grouping is the white stones. The white rocks are actually quite porous and are, hence, more suited for applications in sunnier places within the exterior flooring. They are almost always offered with a honed finish.

The second group consists of the harder types, which are more compact and can generally be used for heavy-traffic areas.

Limestone mostly consists of calcite. Limestone does not show such graining or crystalline structure. It has a smooth granular surface. Varies in hardness. Some dense limestone can be polished. Typical colors for limestone are blacks, grays, whites, yellows or browns.It is more apt to stain than is marble. It gets its lime from sea water.


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