Stone Definitions

Flagstone (Builders Stone)

3″ to 5″ thick, comes in irregular shapes, average diameter is 1 ½ ‘ with a rough face, comes in blue, white, weathered, yellow, sandstone and red.


Comes in natural or sawn cut, often used in retaining walls. Commonly sawn 6″ height top to bottom, while chopped 6″ to 12″ deep at random lengths.

Window Sills

We make these to specific dimensions of height, width and length, usually sawn on top and bottom (approx. 3″ to 4″ thick and with natural or chopped edges)

Regular Chop

3″ to 5″ thick, rectangular shape, in random lengths, with heights ranging from 2″ to 10″, chopped by hand on all sides and with a rough face. We offer this in most colors.

Sawn Chop

Approximately 4″ in thickness, rectangular, in random lengths, in heights ranging from 2″ to 14″, sawn on the top and bottom with a rough face, and available in cream, white, nicotine, blue, gray sandstone and lueder. “Sawn Chop” is sometimes called “Sawn Stone.”

Natural Patio

1″ to 3″ thick, in irregular shapes, averaging 1 ½ ‘ in diameter with a rough face. Offered in blue, white, red, yellow, Oklahoma and sandstone.

Sawn Patio

Available 1 ¼” to 2 ¼” thick, usually 22″ to 24″ wide in 4′ to 6′ lengths, Sawn with a smooth face top and bottom, and available in cream, white, gray lueder, sandstone and blue.


We make these custom to height, width and length as requested, with specifications included.


Unique, custom made, fully detailed hand carved figures

Stone Coverage (Per Ton)

4″-10″ Random Pattern40-45 sq ft
4″-10″ Straight Courses40-45 sq ft
Flagstone (Builders)40-45 sq ft
1 1/4″ Sawn Patio120 – 125 sq ft
2 1/4″ Sawn Patio75-80 sq ft
Natural Split Face Patio60-65 sq ft

Drystack Coverage

4×6 Drystack30 sq ft
6×6 Drystack30 sq ft
6×8 Drystack23 sq ft
6×10 Drystack17 sq ft
8×8 Drystack23 sq ft
8×10 Drystack17 sq ft
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