FireRock Masonry Kit Fireplaces

FireRock masonry kit fireplaces are the best prefabricated masonry fireplace systems available anywhere. They are 50-70% less expensive than site-built fireplaces that are traditionally constructed. FireRock’s patented engineering was designed by experts, and always draw efficiently and provide maximized heat reflection. Experts have thoroughly tested FireRock fireplaces, listing them under standards such as UL 127. They’ve done the work necessary to provide you with the top masonry fireplace solution: high performance, safety, and affordability. And on top of all that, these fireplaces include a 20 year warranty.

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Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
Outdoor Fireplace
Indoor See-Through Fireplace
Indoor Fireplace – Rumford 7
Indoor Fireplace Rumford 4
Indoor Fireplace Rumford 2
Indoor Fireplace Rumford 1
Indoor Fireplace Conventional 3
Indoor Fireplace Conventional 2
Indoor Fireplace California Conventional 4
Indoor Fireplace California Conventional 2
Indoor Linear Fireplace
Square Firepit
Round Firepit
Indoor See-Through Fireplace
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