These keystones are chiseled and carved out of natural stone. We like to use Cream Limestone and Grey Lueders Limestone to make these keystones. The Austin Limestone and the Grey Lueders Limestone both are durable and have the least veining which makes for great address stone blocks.

Why choose natural stone over cast stone keystones? The main reason is for originality. The cast stone keystones look like they were poured into a cast mold and has that bought at the discount store look to them. The dry tamp cast stone keystones look like concrete and the wet pour keystones look good at first, but within a short amount of time you will start to notice fine hairline fractures all over them. With natural stone you will get a long lasting great look you expect.

The gallery below contains our most popular selections. We are not limited to these selections. Please feel free to bring your own design and ideas to us and we will bring them to life.

Click on the images below to view a larger display.

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